GoDaddy Privacy Policy

A study for the search of improvement in GoDaddy's Privacy Policy. Gathering information from small business owners in regards to privacy and data. The following presentation concludes that small business owners are more trustworthy with certain companies, they want data sharing to encourage their customers by creating a customized experience, along with many other factors. This research was intended to build a stronger relationship with our customers.


If the majority of Small Business Owners are utilizing both Facebook and GoDaddy, there must be factors about Facebook that are attractive to GoDaddy users. Researching Facebook's privacy policy may allow GoDaddy customers to feel more comfortable with our company.


When customer's are sharing basic data with GoDaddy, the more transparency provided, the more trust the customer will gain.


Reiterating what information is being shared may benefit based on the customer's skepticism. If the customer is reminded more than the current privacy policy in place, they will understand what it is their information is being used for; therefore not concerned about sensitive information being leaked or shared with third party sites.


Highlighting benefits during the stage of entering information will allow the customer to see what possibilities lie within sharing customer data. All business owners are looking for growth, and making this a tangible element will see through to results within sharing data.